• Features: international brand compressor and high efficiency condenser, evaporator combination; energy saving, low noise, long life;
  • Temperature range: 5°C~30°C。
  • Refrigerant gas R22; friendly refrigerant gas: R407C, R134A, R404A, etc.
  • By increasing the heat transfer area of the condenser, the condensing unit can operate at high temperature below 45°C.
  • Low Noise & High Air Volume Fan. - Standard low-pressure pipeline pump, stainless steel pump or high-pressure centrifugal pump can be selected.
  • microcomputer control, control accuracy: ±1 °C.
  • water-cooled used shell-tube condenser, fast heat conduction, good effect, suitable for high-temperature, water-rich areas.
  • The air-cooled type adopts fin condenser, which has good heat dissipation, easy cleaning and maintenance, and easy installation.
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Box type air-cooled chiller performance parameter table

Box type water-cooled chiller performance parameter table