CA Series

CA series compact air coolers are mainly used in small cold room, which occupy less space
  • Casing: Al-Mg alloy sheet with powder coating, strong anti-corrosion performance and light weight Drip tray adopts hinge structure, easy to clean and operate
  • Heat Exchanger Coil: Tubingφ12,Spacing 38.1×33 Corrugated aluminium fins,fin spacing 4.2mm&6.4mm
  • Fans: External rotor motor with waterproof Working temperature -40~60°C fans individually connected to junction box Fan specificationφ300, Number from 1 to 4
  • Electric defrost: Using stainless heating tube, installed in the middle of coil and inner water plate Independent electric heating tube junction box
  • It can meet the requirements of R404A, R507A, R448A, R449A, R134a, R22 and other refrigerants
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